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Cairns Wedding Photographer Nathan Kelly | FAQ’s


Cairns Wedding Photographer Nathan Kelly answers all your questions about wedding photography…

Organising a Cairns wedding is an exciting time but also a very busy time.

Choosing your Cairns wedding photographer is no doubt one of the biggest decisions as it is a one time opportunity and it needs to be done right on the day, that is why the experience of your photographer is so important, as it is this experience that allows your photographer to allow your day to run smoothly, no matter what situation may develop.

Saving a few hundred dollars on photography always seems the worst place to cut the budget for me, I know I am a photographer of course I would say that.  But other than your rings, wedding certificate and possibly a hangover the one thing you will have for the rest of your marriage are your wedding photographs.

There are dozens of website pages dedicated to questions you should ask your Cairns wedding photographer ,If you really want to annoy a photographer ask them all these questions

From a photographers point of view this can be frustrating but I realise many of you have limited knowledge of photography and what photographers do, it is not just the time spent on your wedding day you are paying for. It is the years of experience…I think this great story about the artist Pablo Picasso sums it up perfectly…


Picasso was in a park when a woman approached him and asked him to draw a portrait of her. Picasso agreed and quickly sketches her. After handing the sketch to her, she is pleased with the likeness and asks how much she owed to him. Picasso replied $5,000. The woman screamed “but it took you only five minutes”. No, madam, it took me all my life, replied Picasso.


I don’t suggest for a moment I am Picasso but I have been working as a photographer for more than 20 years, my non-wedding photographic work is highly regarded and is included in prominent collections including The Metropolitan Museum Of Art (NYC) , The National Portrait Gallery  and The National Library of Australia.


Who will be my photographer on the day?

I will be your photography on the day. I never subcontract weddings out to other photographers. So when you book me it will be me who does your wedding photography.

What equipment do you use?

I use all canon Professional Camera’s and L series lenses and lighting equipment. It is this equipment that allows me to create the images I do. If anyone tells you the type of camera doesn’t impact image making I would suggest you cross them off your potential photographer list.

Are images edited?

All of the images I supply to you will be fully edited, digitally enhanced, colour correct and print ready. That way you can make all of your own reprints wherever you live. I am also happy to resize images for any canvas print orders.

This editing does not include adding or removing items from images, it is essential that on the day things are how you would like them to look. For example but not limited too adding people into family photographs, adding or removing dress elements etc….If you have individual images that you would liked additional Photoshop work I will prepare a quote for you.

Do we get all of the photographs taken on the day?

You will not get all of the images from your wedding, as many are repetitive and others are rejected because of people with their eyes closed etc. With most of my packages however you will receive more than 800 fully edited images a lot more than my competition offers and more than enough to capture your whole day.

Do you have a limit on the number of locations?

I am happy to go wherever you would like to go but there are usually time limitations imposed on us due to ceremony and reception times and of course it going dark. I do however like to try and go to 3 locations at least as this really makes your wedding album rock…

When should we book ?

Once you have booked your venue that is a good time to book. As It is only me and there are limited days in the year I am available I am often booked more than 12 months in advance especially for the peak months of July, August and September.

What are RAW files and do we receive those?

I do not get asked this question very often but when I do it always seems very hard for the client to understand just what exactly RAW files are. The short version is RAW files are uncompressed, unprocessed image files direct from the camera sensor. They come in different formats depending on the camera (Canon .CRW) which cannot be opened on your computer without specialised software. Raw files are unedited and may have sensor dust spots, look underexposed and many other issues, that is why I spend about 20 hours editing your wedding.

The reality is you do not need your RAW files. I will be providing you with fully edited full resolution high quality Jpegs and you will be able to print whatever size image you like from those.

If you still want your RAW files of course you can have them for $4000

Want to know more about RAW FILES

Can we see the photographs before the album session?

You will have all of your images before I send you the digital album proof and we can then go from there.

How long does it take to get the albums?

From the time you confirm your album order it will take 6 – 8 weeks for your album to be delivered.

What style of Albums do you provide?

I provide many different styles of albums including Queensberry and Magazine Style Albums. All of these albums are custom designed in consultation with you and are custom made. These are not just photo albums they are objects of beauty.

I do not  produce any digitally printed  photo books, if you want something cheap and nasty officeworks can help you out with that.

Can I upgrade my album or purchase extra pages?

There are many different options in regards to albums as they are fully customisable, you can even have a red ostrich skin cover if you like. Of course additional pages are available and we charge per side.

Who Owns Copyright ?

The copyright of the images remains with me the photographer – Nathan David Kelly. This simply means that you cannot give them to other suppliers, magazines, websites or create an ad without my permission. I am pretty easy going so just let me know. I am happy for you to have them put in your local newspaper just make sure you remind them to credit the photographs – “Photography by Nathan David Kelly – Cairns Wedding Photography”

Of course you have the right to make reprints and distribute them to friends and family as well as post on social media.

Copyright is more about the commercial use of the images by third parties

How long does it take to receive the images?

My aim is for couples to receive their images within 6 – 8 weeks of their wedding.

How do I book ?

To book me I require the payment of a $500 retainer. This secures my services for your wedding date and as such is non-refundable. This can be paid via  direct deposit into my account or with Visa/Mastercard which incurs a 2.5% surcharge.

What is a retainer ?

A retainer confirms your booking and differs from a deposit as it is non-refundable. The reason it is non-refundable is if you cancel your wedding for whatever reason I may not be able to rebook your wedding date, even if it is still six months away as most people book their Cairns wedding photographer 12 months in advance. Even with your retainer I will still make a loss in excess of $2000.

Style of Photography?

My style of photography is a combination of highly coordinated and studio lit “High Fashion” magazine style photography along with a more casual photojournalistic approach. This combination works best to create stunning wedding images.

Do we get 2 photographers ?

In twenty years I have never worked with another photographer on a shoot and rarely do I use an assistant. I find there is no need for a second photographer as I am able to capture the images required and it often slows down the image making process and impedes on me being able to realise my unique vision of your day.

2nd photographers are often used by studios who book multiple weddings on the day and use less experienced photographers.

Professional Accreditation ?

I consider the three years I studied Photomedia at The University of Sydney‘s prestigious Sydney College of  The Arts as my professional accreditation. The dedication and commitment required to finish a university degree and the opportunity to learn the craft of photography technically and historically has been the foundation of my career.

A university degree is also has far more rigorous requirements to attaining graduation than many of the so called professional associations require.

Contract ?

Of course I can send you a contract to sign and return to me, I would however suggest you paying your retainer while this occurs as if I wait for the signed contract to be returned you could miss out on your date.

Payment Policy?

Once your retainer is paid I only require the balance of you payment 6 weeks prior to the wedding.

Can my Cousin (insert uncle, brother, etc…)  who wants to be a photographer come on the post-ceremony shoot with us ?


If I don’t want an album now, can I order after the wedding?

I offer a big discount on albums ordered prior to the wedding or included in packages. I can of course make you an album afterwards and often make these for couples 1st wedding anniversary as traditionally this is a paper anniversary.

Do you do video?

I do not provide video services but I have worked with some amazing videographers. You can find their details on my Cairns Wedding Suppliers page

Do you provide photo booth services?

I can provide you with a Photo booth service, please contact me for details.


Contact Me :- Nathan Kelly

email :-

phone ;- 0408 607 934

Port Douglas wedding photography by Nathan David Kelly

Port Douglas wedding photographer Nathan David Kelly captures a beautiful wedding image at St Mary’s by The Sea.

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